Obama's Little Habit

Yesterday in a press conference in Chicago and at a “Meet the Press” interview President-elect Barack Obama’s smoking habits have been put under the microscope. People have raised concerns about Obama’s health being that he has been a smoker for the past two decades.

The White House is a smoke-free zone and Obama says he has quit but “has fallen off the wagon” a few times. He reportedly chews Nicorette gum between campaigning sessions, which his doctor said has been successful.

What I believe is most interesting about this all is the hunt for a picture of Mr. Obama smoking. So far none have been produced.

Annie McGilvray on her Presidential Candidate PR Blog had this to say about it

“Obama has made sure that there are no pictures in the media of him smoking. If the American public actually saw a picture of him smoking, I think it would be very bad for him. Since he has admitted to cocaine and marijuana use in his past, the media would be all over it if they caught a picture of him smoking. They would question whether he was still doing drugs or not. There are places that are actually offering reward money for anyone who can catch a picture of him smoking.”

These are some riduculous doctored photos of Obama smoking:

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